View video for track lifted from latest album Hammer Of The Witches

Cradle Of Filth have released a video for their track Blackest Magick In Practice.

The song is taken from Dani Filth and co’s latest album Hammer of the Witches and the promo is directed by Sam Scott-Hunter.

The director days: “There’s dark madness in this video. Blackest Magick In Practice is a deeply tragic tale of lost love. It’s the grief stricken insanity of trying to bring back that loved one from the dead, desperately trying to hold onto that person who’s gone, even if that leads down a dark and gruesome path. I don’t want to give it all away, but I will say that the hardest part of the production was getting hold of a human ear.

“I wanted to convey the power of the band too, in amongst the romance, madness and magic. Behind the imagery of the lyrics is a great and powerful metal band of amazing musicians, and I hope people can feel the intensity of the band when they watch this. It is intense viewing. There should be a bit of madness in the video, because there’s madness in this song.”

Hammer Of The Witches was released earlier this year via Nuclear Blast. Cradle Of Filth have lined up three UK and Ireland shows around their Hammerfest appearance in March next year.

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