Exclusive: Nikki says final interviews reveal “drama and pain” – and explains refusal to record for Dirt movie

Motley Crue’s final interviews as a band will reveal the “drama and pain” of being in an outfit that had run out of creativity, says Nikki Sixx.

The members spoke frankly as the camera rolled in the run-up to their final show on December 31, and all will be revealed when the material is released.

Crue had prevously signed a legally-binding document making it all-but impossible for them to reunite after their farewell world tour.

Sixx tells Classic Rock: “We’ve got a docu-series about the last night, with lots of interviews. It’s kind of like the last night on Earth, of being together.

“It’s interesting, because we talk about each other in a way that’s endearing – but not. We say where we’re really at. We talk about the drama and the pain of being in a band that has ceased to run on creativity, just on pure, mechanical motions.”

He says the band refused to write new material for the movie version of infamous biography The Dirt, adding: “If it comes down to, ‘Well, you have a movie, you need to write music,’ I’m like, ‘Sorry, but that’s cheap. We don’t want to go, ‘We have to write a song for marketing.’

“I want to write music because it’s real. There’s not a relationship there. Let it die gracefully. We couldn’t be creative as a band, so how the hell can we continue?”

Sixx reports that The Dirt has been fully green-lit, but the marketing budget remains a problem for producers. “People get just enough money to do a project, then no one ever hears about the project – I’m not really interested in that,” he says.” Just go read the book at that point.”

Emphasising that Sixx:AM is his main band now, and he has no plans to revisit Crue, he says: “I want to just leave it intact. We said what we had to say. I’m proud of what we did – I don’t want to disgrace it by being cheap.”

The full interview will appear in a future edition of Classic Rock. Details will be confirmed in due course.


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