Record store day celebration

In Celebration of record store day we thought we would show you some of the prettiest vinyl’s we have here at Snapdragon HQ.

Words: Tom Lancaster 

Royal Thunder ‎– Crooked Doors

Relapse Records 

Blue pink merge mail-order only limited edition

This beautiful pressing of royal thunders second album truly is a wonder. The tie-dye effect comes in a lovely  pink and blue which really compliments  the cover. Only available from relapse in the USA so  the postage was as much as the record but it was worth it. Sadly this edition is now sold out but it can still be obtained in black.

Orchid – Capricorn + Sign of the witch

Nuclear blast

Green etched + clear and blue speckled ltd edition

Two from orchid in the collection. first up is the re-release of Capricorn, this edition came with a poster but more importantly this 3 sided record came with an etched 4th side which is unique in our collection. Second up is the sign of the witch EP. This came in many colours but it was the clear and blue splatter that caught our eye. while the cover may leave some people feeling a bit queasy it’s the artwork on the insert, once intended for the cover, that’s outstanding.

Both are available from nuclear blast though colours may vary.

Elephant tree- Theia

Magnetic eye

Black and bronze

The cover is as simple as is beautiful. the line drawing of a breasted tree (sadly no elephants) really shows that sometimes less is more. the vinyl itself is an odd combination, one not seen before and maybe the fact that it was made due to pressing error that makes it even better. Sadly its sold out but a recent repressing has just come out and can be found on line at magnetic eye and the band can soon be seen on tour with mars red sky or at the final summer sizzler in Brixton.

Gozu  – locust season

Small stone

Clear yellow and black

Mistakenly placed into a discounted record store clearance section, this was bought new and sealed  at the local record shop for the low, low, price of £3. At the time the band was unknown to me but being familiar with small stones other artists there was a good chance of liking it. There’s nothing better than expecting  a black record and finding a colour. the dark yellow and black was as much a delight to find as was the music.

Blues pills – blues pills

Nuclear blast

Picture disk

There aren’t many picture discs in our collection and quite frankly there doesn’t need to be any more than this. the artwork was painted in the 60s by Marijke Koger-Dunham who had previously painted John Lennon’s piano and creams guitars. The artwork features prominently on the 3 sides of the records and the track listing stylishly on the 4th. this pressing can still be found on nuclear blast and Amazon.

The devils blood – the time of no time ever more

Van records

Cloth bound book

This truly is rare item. consisting of 2 records, a CD, book of original art, patch and a poster, collection comes nicely presented in a gold printed cloth bound book. Ok ours might not be complete as its missing the patch but still this has to be the most elaborate record sleeve in our horde.

Spidergawd – I&II

Crispin glover records

Yellow & orange

These have to be the most bizarre artworks ever seen. if you’re after pictures of giant robot spiders vomiting onto  sacrificial woman or if men fencing while wearing sandwiches for hats, then these are the ones for you. quite frankly I have no idea what the theme is but it looks awesome.

Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the 3rd at freak valley this year and see what madness is on that one.

Egpyt – self titled

Doomania records

This vinyl came in four distinct colours with a cut out and is the only one in the collection which boosts a cut out.Sadly all of the copies of this album’s pressing are now sold out. Luckily we managed to get a green one. You can pick up their newest album at Desert fest in London [29th April- 1st May]  like I plan to!

 Sleep- dopesmoker

southern lord

green splatter

The highlight of anyone’s collection. Does anything more need to be said…….  

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