Megadeth ‘re-calibrated’ by Dystopia says David Ellefson

David Ellefson looks forward to new album sessions after Dystopia “re-calibrated” the band

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson says the band are preparing to record their next album with a refreshed attitude and he believes the success of last year’s Dystopia hints at the direction they could take on its follow-up.

The thrash icons’ 16th studio title will mark the first time the current lineup – including mainman Dave Mustaine, guitarist Kiko Loureiroand drummer Dirk Verbeuren – will have recorded together.

Ellefson tells RAMzine (via Blabbermouth): “We’ve got a run with the Scorpions and we were going to finish up in South American in October, November. Then after that we’re talking about getting started on the new record.

“We can talk about it all we want, but we won’t know until we get into the studio. The feeling is that Dystopia re-calibrated Megadeth.

“We’ve been touring a lot with this lineup, so we’re going into it feeling like a band. It will have a lot of character and personality passed on from the four of us.

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