Anthrax ‘Supercharged’ for next album

Charlie Benante reveals he’s written material for the next Anthrax album and bandmate Scott Ian is “supercharged” about it

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has revealed that he’s written material for the band’s next album.

And he’s already had a positive response from bandmate and co-writer Scott Ian.

But there’s no work on when the follow-up to last year’s For All Kingsmight appear, and the thrash icons have plans for other projects in the meantime.

Benante tells 102.9 The Hog (via Blabbermouth): “I’ve sent some stuff to the guys and Scott was really supercharged and he was excited.

“I’m just going to continue. I like getting that type of feedback. It just helps for me to get inspired. I know I’m on the right path.”

He adds of his approach to writing: “I like to have about six to eight songs that are real Anthrax type of songs. Then I can go a little left-field, the other way, and try something else. But I like to have that solid foundation.”

The band are planning to remain on tour until at least November, with the possibility of “a little something” to follow, although no firm plans are in place.

But next year will see the launch of an anniversary edition of 1988 album _State Of Euphori_a. Benante reports: “I spent basically a whole year putting together that package.

“After listening to it again and again, I’ve discovered things about it. The reason why we were a bit unhappy with it was just that we felt we were so rushed.

“If that album maybe had a little more time, I think we would have done a few things differently here and there.

“The second disc will show you the evolution of the songs from just guitar riffs to rehearsal, to tracking, to actual song.”

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