And you can hear a new track, Imperfection, here and now.

Evanescence’s fourth studio album, Synthesis, has itself a release date. Fans of the Arkansas-formed band, who smashed into the mainstream with 2003’s Bring Me To Life single (a UK number one!), can pick up their latest long-player from November 20, when it’s released via Sony.

A new, reworked version of Bring Me To Life actually features on Synthesis, which is partially a collection of older material given fresh makeovers, mixing electronic elements with orchestral accompaniments.

The first single proper from the album, Imperfection, is one of the set’s original cuts, and can be heard now, below.

The tracklisting for Synthesis is as follows:

1: Overture
2: Never Go Back
3: Hi-Lo
4: My Heart Is Broken
5: Lacrymosa
6: The End Of The Dream
7: Bring Me To Life
8: Unraveling
9: Imaginary
10: Secret Door
11: Lithium
12: Post In Paradise
13: Your Star
14: My Immortal
15: The In-Between
16: Imperfection

Okay, actually, there’s no “partially” about it – that is a lot of old material, freshened up. And the Amy Lee-fronted five-piece are taking these new arrangements on the road, playing the following UK dates in 2018:


30 and 31: London, Royal Albert Hall


2: Manchester, Apollo
3: Nottingham, Arena
5: Glasgow, Armadillo
6: Sheffield, City Hall

Listen below to where it all began for the band – their debut LP, Fallen. It was kind of a big deal, back when. Just the 17 million sales, huh.

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