Moi Saint – The new moon

Review of the newest release from Moi Saint.

Liverpool based, Moi Saint emerged in 2015 intent to bring a sound to her deep thoughts and emotions. Her latest release “The new moon” EP is a rich textured journey which leaves a resounding effect on the listener.

The EP opens with the enigmatic “Lost in time [kind]” that flutters in with sultry whispers among the darkness. Chaotic beats and gripping keyboards which  Kriss-cross to make something smouldering in thought, as well as provoking the listeners mind theatre.

Throughout the EP you feel incredibly close to this unapproachable oracle who is both fascinating to listen to as it is Subtle. With rich layered keyboards and down tempo beats that place the listener in a experience of limbo like tension , which is broken as “Reptile” crawls into your speakers like a sultry demon.

“Void” with its rich synths and vocals really set the pace of discovering her own sound as well as paying homage to influences.  To the captivated audience she ends the journey with the  falling deeper in the rabbit hole atmospherics of “Faded”. You can  appreciate even further where her inspirations of artists such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Coil, and Enigma shine through. The EP overall is as  uplifting as it is chilling, making the listener want to re-listen to the album.

Keep your ears and eyes out for  more information, gig updates, music videos and post updates go to the Facebook page.


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