Flames Of Genesis – A Bridge To Further Realms

The coming of The Voyager was foretold, his arrival from the worlds that lie beyond the outer edges of our experience announced. His approach through the dark corridors that run between the stars was heard by those who have long thirsted for his secrets… Nameless and faceless he has arrived with his entrancing, all consuming music, offering insights to mystery and a listening experience like no other. He brings a sound, a vision, a key…
On the 10th of November Minotauro Records will send The Voyager’s creations out into the world in the form of Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms – seven soundtracks to enlightenment, seven revelations woven within sonic tapestries, seven wonders to be discovered. The grand, layered, cinematic sounds enthral the listener, wrapping them in the cold embrace of space, opening the mind’s eye to sights from the very edge of the universe…and for those whose inner eyes are open, those whose souls listen deeply there are pathways to knowledge, to worlds beyond the distant edge, kingdoms that lie in the void beyond dreams…a bridge to further realms.
The Voyager has many secrets to share, held within the chalice of Flames Of Genesis and here is where it all begins, where the willing set their foot upon the path. This album, this star map, is the first part of the odyssey. This is where the journey through wonders begins…open this tome of knowledge, listen to Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms and discover…a sound, a vision, a key.
The Voyager – All music and arrangements

Genre: Dark Ambient
For fans of: Atrium Carceri | Lustmord | Flowers For Bodysnatchers | Sabled Sun
Further Information: www.flamesofgenesis.co.uk
“…chilly and austere dark ambient soundscape…”

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