Punk/Metal act INFECTED SYREN announce debut album!

INFECTED SYREN, the highly energetic Punk/Metal quartet from Nicosia, Cyprus, are releasing their self-titled, debut album, on January 12th, 2018, on CD and Digital.

Originally formed in 2011 and a year later released a demo, which was enthusiastically received by fans and media around the world. All band members have been active in the Cypriot local scene, since the late 90s, with some even involved in punk and metal bands abroad.

Performing and experimenting throughout the last few years, has made INFECTED SYREN’s band members finally consider a more serious and dedicated approach towards writing their own material and developing their sound while doing what they love most – performing heavy alternative music!
INFECTED SYREN’s debut album incorporates Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Psychobilly, all masterfully blended together to create the band’s truly unique sound. Aptly enough, band members describe their music as “sick music for sick people!”

Upon listening to the band’s material, one cannot help but clearly identify some very diverse influences from bands such as Megadeth, The Exploited, Fuzztones, Overkill, Brian Setzer and The Horrors and others. It’s also worth noting that the album features a guest vocal appearance by Paul Bate (SCARRED SOCIETY).
A track taken off the album is now available for streaming at https://infectedsyren.bandcamp.com/track/boogie-stick – The CD is available for pre-order directly from the band with a release show scheduled for January 12th, at Club Red in Nicosia.

Louis Syrimis – Vocals, Guitars
Constantinos Syrimis – Drums
Constantinos Lyras – Guitars
Miguel Trapezaris – Bass Guitars

Album tracklisting:

1. Infected Circus
2. The B.B.P.
3. UnNormal
4. Sick
5. Unwanted
6. Boogie Stick
7. The Torture Brothers
8. Divide and Rule
9. Death After the Melody
10. Toothless Tigers
11. Syrens in The Opera

Visit INFECTED SYREN online at: http://infectedsyren.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/infectedsyren


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