Tigertailz launch emotional tribute to Pepsi Tate

Glam rockers Tigertailz have rerecorded their 1987 song Fall In Love Again in tribute to former bass player Pepsi Tate, whose 2007 death will be commemorated tonight in Nottingham

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Porcupine Tree man Richard Barbieri to launch Planets + Persona

Japan and Porcupine Tree keyboardist Richard Barbieri will release his 3rd solo album Planets + Persona in March – watch teaser video

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What Really Happened On The Night Bon Scott Died?

Mystery surrounds Bon Scott’s death to this day. Classic Rock looks back at Bon’s last hours, the underworld he moved in and the disappearance of the last man to see Bon alive…

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Record store day celebration

In Celebration of record store day we thought we would show you some of the prettiest vinyl’s we have here at Snapdragon HQ.

Words: Tom Lancaster 

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