Bloodstock 2014

Review by Callum K Cragg



It’s that time of year again, and with the unfortunate and rather rubbish news all year that many other festivals have had to be cancelled or shortly after taking place going into liquidation, it falls upon the ever reliable Bloodstock to rally the 10,000 or so metallers at Catton Hall into a frenzy. Continue reading

Sonisphere 2014 live review

4th – 6th July
Knebworth UK

By Alex Loach

It has been three long years in the making, but the touring festival behemoth that is Sonisphere has finally returned to its spiritual home – the hallowed grounds of Knebworth house in Hertfordshire. As the organisers have delighted in reminding people in the run-up to the event, this is a celebration weekend, marking forty years of live music at this location. The likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and erm… Robbie Williams have all graced (and disgraced) these picturesque grounds at one time or another.

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