Metallica’s James Hetfield praises Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has praised former bandmate and Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine for his “amazing career” in music

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Brotherhood Of Sleep – Dark as Light (LP) review 

As a way to broaden the metal scene in Greece,

The Athenian trio Brotherhood of Sleep released their second LP after their self titled one 2009 album in 2011 entitled Dark as Light. The album includes four rift- heavy, head-banging, rock out with your socks out songs which are completely instrumental pieces. Each of the four pieces, “Afterlife Unearthed”, “Naze”, “Aranian Gates” and “Dark as Light” although different seem to form an angsty narrative that sinks its teeth into the listener as Dark as light progresses.As the title in insinuates, the ambiance of the music seems to contrast mixing light and mellow elements together with dark and heavy elements fastened with the ohm-like spiritual sounds that reverberates throughout the entire album. This is especially evident in the track “Naze”, which is the longest track on the album at fourteen minutes and eleven seconds long.

As the Grecian scene grew more recognised one could have only hoped that Brotherhood of Sleep could have lead them to international recognition of underground music. However since their untimely split in 2013 this may no longer be the case.
By Zahra


Album title track issued as standalone along with lyric video

Nightwish have released the title track from their album Endless Forms Most Beautiful as a single.

It’s available as a limited-edition CD, a 10″ vinyl and in digital formats via Nuclear Blast. A lyric video for the track has also been made available. It is the second track lifted from the album, following Elan.

The record was released on March 30. Endless Forms Most Beautiful features a guest appearance from Professor Richard Dawkins, the leading atheist who was a major inspiration on the album.

Nightwish play London’s Wembley Arena on December 19 as part of a European tour.


  1. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (album version)
  2. Sagan (instrumental) – previously unreleased
  3. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (alternative version)
  4. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (radio edit) – previously unreleased
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Listen to the new song from Powerwolf

Taken from their upcoming album Blessed & Possessed, to be released on Napalm Records, German power metallers Powerwolf have unveiled new track Army Of The Night.

Speaking to Metal Hammer, the band that Army Of The Night “is one of the many songs of Blessed & Possessed we can’t wait to perform live.”

Talking about the first time Powerwolf played the song during songwriting, they say the energy and dynamics “literally blew us away and we felt like this is going to be a must-play.

“While many of the songs on Blessed & Possessed are very detailed and elaborated, this one is probably one of straightest and most compact Powerwolf songs to date.”

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