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BLOODMOON: The Obelisk Streams “The Singing Flame” From California Blackened Sludge/”Grey Metal” Act’s Voidbound

San Luis Obispo, California’s blackened sludge act BLOODMOON is set to reissue their transformative 2013 album, Voidbound, on limited edition vinyl through Black Voodoo Records on December 20th.

The new version has been completely remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin ,(Sunn 0))), ISIS, Conan, Slomatics). Today, The Obelisk streams “The Singing Flame” and writes, “Of the three included pieces, ‘The Singing Flame’ is the shortest at 7:17. The closer, it’s also the biggest riff on offer, though Bloodmoon never stay in one place too long.”

Listen to “The Singing Flame” AT THIS LOCATION.

Gazing into the void with combined effort since 2010, BLOODMOON have been exploring the musical elements of sludge, doom, stoner, black and death Metal with heavy doses of psychedelia to give themselves a highly distinctive sound of their own. Over the past two years, the band has released two albums, embarked upon several tours, and played countless shows all over the west coast at any given point in between. Between shows, they are continually writing with the self-imparted directive of releasing new music every year while always experimenting with different ways to bring the heavy in their own way.

As if traveling an entire, bitter lifetime, Voidbound takes you for a ride through curiosity and emptiness in three movements. And once it ends, feels as though it has taken part of you back into the depths it calls home.

Preorders are live right here:


LP, Cooze, Shirt Bundle:

“If you’re into epic demonic based sludge metal riffs, then Voidbound is going to speak volumes to you.”
– The Sludgelord

“38 minutes of pure, sludgy fury.”
– Metal Storm


Masochist – condemned to grovel

Masochist (UK) – 4 piece Death Metal/Grind band from West Yorkshire, for fans of Cryptopsy and Suffocation. ‘CONDEMNED TO GROVEL’ is available now!!
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